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I want to sell my home. Can you give me some information on what to expect?
The seller pays a commission to the broker that lists his or her home - this is a negotiable fee, and it is usually around 2.8% in Colorado.
The seller ALSO pays the commission to the agent that represents the buyer. This commission is also negotiable, and is usually about 2.8%.
Suppose you own a home that sells for $300,000
Buyers commission of 2.8% = $8,400; Sellers commission of 2.8% = $8,400;
Total for both commissions = $16,800.  Your net will be less than $283,200 (due to other sales related expenses like title insurance).

I want to buy a home. What steps are involved?
1) Get Pre-Approved (or at least pre-qualified)
2) Identify the top 3 characteristics that matter to you
3) Hire an agent and start looking  (can take from 2 to 6 weeks on average).
4) Be sure to get a CMA to avoid paying more than current market value
5) Make your offer
6) Once the offer is accepted, close the transaction (usually takes 45 days)

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