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Opportunities to Purchase Bank Owned Properties - Denver

The foreclosure rate is not likely to bottom out for another 6 to 12 months based on some reports in the industry.  This is not good news for home owners, but it is for buyers and investors.

Given the US government's current debt level, inflation may also be on the rise in about 6 to 12 months as well.  So what opportunity is there?  If you have a good credit rating and some handy cash for a downpayment and funds for repair work, you too can purchase a bank owned property (one that has already gone through foreclosure and is now owned by the bank).  The bank is not in the business of selling real estate, so they will typically sell at bargain prices.

If you have the skills needed to refurbish such a home, you can turn around and rent it out.  If you are wise in your choices, you can have a positive cash flow right from the start.  As long as you manage to get a fixed rate loan - or even better, pay cash - as interest rates increase, the monthly rental amount increases as well.

Self Directed Individual Retirement Accounts

According to the commonly accepted view in the investment industry, a “Self-Directed” account is one that allows the account holder to choose their own investments.  In particular, a Self Directed IRA can accommodate real estate related investments (in addition to a long list of other asset types).

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